Monday, August 10, 2009


In all but two classes I have taken since at Evergreen, I have had women over 50 who seem to be drawn to me. (at Evergreen we only take one class at a time and that class may last up to an entire school year so this may not be as many as it sounds. Since the number is so few, I might as well say it is 3.)

One woman even called me on the phone to ask if I would like to get lunch. Another would ask me to eat lunch with her during our class lunch breaks. Another hasn't yet brought up the subject of lunch, but hopefully there is still time. Maybe I will wake up one morning and she will bring me breakfast in bed.

I don't believe any of these women have had anything other than platonic intentions. 
It feels nice to have positive attention from these older women. In Utah, it was rare to feel that older people saw me as anything other than weird or even unsettling, so it is a pleasant change of events to feel the reverse.

Perhaps one reason for this change is because of the difference in my attitude towards older women in school here versus in Utah. It is not that I have any with older women going back to school because I think it is great, but in Utah, whenever I had a class with an older woman in it, she seemed to carry her Mom mentality with her into the classroom. That sort of bossy know-it-all attitude that may be useful when, or a natural by-product of raising a bunch of kids can be very distracting in a class room. I once dropped a class because it had over FIVE older women. All through class it felt like a battle was happening between the teacher and these five women who seemed to feel they had registered to be bossy know-it-alls rather than students.

Here I have never experienced that phenomenon and if anything have found it to be reverse. The older women in my classes have seemed somewhat timid and reserved. And wanting to eat lunch with me.

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